Top 12 Yellowstone Fan Picks: Dive Into Must-Haves Inspired By The Hit TV Show!

If you can’t wait for Yellowstone to return, check out this amazing selection of merchandise that includes apparel, accessories, and games!

Since Yellowstone is one of the most popular television programs in America, chances are good that you or someone you know is hooked to the TV whenever the Duttons are on. Give the would-be cowboy or cowgirl in your life one of these Yellowstone gifts to show them how much you care, whether they are casual viewers or ardent devotees.

These gifts, which come in a variety of pricing and features, are a great way to support Dutton. For every kind of Yellowstone enthusiast, there is something here, including board games, t-shirts, and belt buckles.

For aficionados of Yellowstone, wearable gifts are usually the finest. This makes sense because all of the show’s characters have great looks. There’s always something from Yellowstone to wear, from warm Dutton Ranch embroidered slippers to sunglasses that could make anyone appear like Rip Wheeler.

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The Walmart Legacy DVD collection is a great present for everyone who like the show. Introducing the Yellowstone Monopoly game to your family and friends at a game night would be fantastic. The wine glasses or the Rip Wheeler Funko Pop would be appealing to more ardent viewers of the show!

The executives at Netflix must be looking into our fantasies since the new drama they’re developing with a Texas setting sounds like a dream come true.

As if Ransom Canyon wasn’t exciting enough, Netflix’s head of drama and development, Jinny Howe, compared the new series to a blend of two of our favorite shows, Virgin River and Yellowstone.

Still our hearts, please.

Howe told Deadline, “It’s a modern Western romance show that’s just looking for more in this comfort-romance space.” We describe this multigenerational family show as Virgin River meets Yellowstone. It is situated on a ranch. We believe it will live up to all the romance expectations and, once more, provide a breathtaking scenery and escapist atmosphere.

Similar to Virgin River, which is based on romance books by Robyn Carr, Ransom Canyon is a modern romance book series by Jodi Thomas.

As per the official synopsis of the program, “Ransom Canyon is a contemporary Western saga and family drama driven by romance, which follows the lives of three ranching families as they intersect against the rough terrain of Texas Hill Country.

Josh Duhamel has agreed to portray the part of Staten Kirkland, who owns and occupies the expansive Double K Ranch alone. Staten leads the effort to oppose external forces that are “threatening his way of life and the land that he loves.” He is described as “steadfast and stoic.”

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Quinn will be portrayed by Friday Night Lights actress Minka Kelly. Her heroine has “often found herself in the shadow of others,” but she has returned to the real-life Texas hamlet of Ransom Canyon to forge a new path for herself after a period in New York pursuing her profession as a concert pianist.

For Ransom Canyon, Netflix has placed ten episode orders. Watch this space for updates!

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