Top Auto Insurance Providers for 2024

The top auto insurance providers are American Family, Auto-Owners, Nationwide, and USAA, per a Forbes Advisor research.

Nationwide is the top auto insurance provider in 2024. According to our research of the best vehicle insurance providers, USAA and Travelers both receive five stars.

Our team of specialists in auto insurance examined rates for nine different driver profiles in addition to other important criteria including an insurer’s customer complaint percentage, collision repair score, and available features and coverage options in order to identify the top auto insurance provider.

The top auto insurance providers in 2024

In order to determine which auto insurance providers are the finest in the area, we compared their prices, claims handling times, customer satisfaction levels, and range of coverage. Utilize our evaluation as a starting point to evaluate leading vehicle insurers and choose the most suitable option for your circumstances.

In the United States, there are reportedly over 500 companies offering auto insurance. However, just a small number of businesses offer the majority of auto insurance, despite the market’s enormous scope. According to premiums, the top eight businesses actually offer about 73% of auto insurance.

It’s wise to inquire with a few smaller insurance providers when looking for coverage. You might come upon a lesser-known supplier that charges less for excellent service. However, it’s likely that you’ll also check with a few major companies. These are our evaluations of the top eight auto insurance providers in the United States as of 2023.

Locating the “best” auto insurance providers might be comparable to attempting to assemble a jigsaw puzzle while blindfolded. Fortunately, we’ve assembled the parts for you.

The top auto insurance providers for 2023 are as follows:

Best car insurance category

Company winner

Best overall


Best large insurer

American Family

Best perks for loyal customers


Best for accident forgiveness


Best for having few customer complaints

Country Financial

Best for financial strength


Best for discounts


Best for customer satisfaction

State Farm

Best for membership perks

Auto Club Group

How we identified the finest car insurance

To identify the top auto insurance providers, NerdWallet’s editorial team took into account factors including cost, special offers, National Association of Insurance Commissioner complaint statistics, and more. This list of the top vehicle insurance providers may vary as we assess additional insurers and obtain updated market information. For additional information, view our complete process.

Selecting auto insurance may be difficult. Not only are there many auto insurance providers, but you also need to choose between a variety of coverage options and levels, such as liability and comprehensive.

But if you drive, you must get auto insurance in every state but New Hampshire. Moreover, although it could be tempting for companies to emphasize cost savings in their advertising, you want to make sure that they would stand by you in case of an accident. Fortunately, with a little research, selecting the best policy could be straightforward and easy.

Numerous factors, including as where you reside, the type of vehicle you drive, and even your credit score, can affect how much you pay for auto insurance. We looked into policies from 25 top insurers to help you find the best insurance provider and coverage.

To determine which are the top seven auto insurance providers, we examined a wide range of factors, including prices and consumer satisfaction with claims handling.

best all around

The Reason We Selected It: Progressive distinguishes out due to its optional coverages, extra perks, discounts, and customer assistance choices. Based on written premiums, Progressive is one of the biggest vehicle insurers in the country. Apart from the standard liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance coverage, noteworthy characteristics include:

Other vehicle coverage: Progressive offers insurance for a variety of vehicles, including motorbikes, mopeds, scooters, RVs, trailers, and even golf carts, in addition to typical personal vehicles like cars and SUVs.
Gap coverage: This insurance helps cover the difference between the amount you owe on your automobile and its current value if you lease or take out an auto loan. Up to a limit of 25% of the vehicle’s real worth, Progressive’s loan/lease payback coverage will cover the difference—a larger cap than some other carriers offer.

Usage-based coverage: With Progressive’s Snapshot tool, your rates are based on your driving habits. By not driving late at night, staying off your phone and limiting hard braking or accelerating, you could save money on your monthly premiums. Progressive says that drivers that use its Snapshot tool save an average of $231 per year. The Snapshot tool does record your trip details, so those concerned about privacy and location tracking may want to avoid this feature.

Pet insurance: An increasing number of pet owners are taking their animals on road excursions. However, not all auto insurance companies will pay for the care of your injured pet if you are in an accident. One of the few large insurers, Progressive, will pay for veterinary expenses up to a certain amount as long as your vehicle has collision coverage.

Custom parts: Your typical auto insurance coverage won’t pay for the repairs or replacement of any modifications you make to your car in order to improve its look or performance, such as adding chrome bumpers, aftermarket sound systems, or better suspension. However, up to a $5,000 cap, Progressive will pay for aftermarket extras.

Coverage for vintage automobiles: If you own a classic car, you could find it difficult to get insurance for it. This is because classic or collectible cars sometimes increase in value over time, but a conventional insurance policy doesn’t account for this. Your vehicle’s current value can be covered with the Progressive Classic Car Program by Hagerty, and there are no mileage caps, so you can drive your vintage or customized car for less money than you would with regular auto insurance.

Ride-share coverage: You will probably need a specific ride-share insurance policy if you drive for a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft, and not many businesses provide ride-share coverage. Progressive enables you to guarantee your protection even when your ride-share coverage isn’t active by adding ride-share insurance to your personal auto policy.

Progressive’s monthly cost of $127 was comparable to the national average as disclosed by The Zebra, an organization that examined almost 400 insurance providers. Additionally, Progressive offers a number of discounts that can lower the cost of your insurance. Safe driving, good student, homeowners, multi-policy, and pay-in-full discounts are among the available discounts.

The value of the discounts varies. A solid student discount can help you save up to 10% on your premiums, while the multi-policy discount can save you 5%.

Warnings: Progressive is a reputable business, and the amount of complaints that consumers filed with state authorities about the company is comparable to that of the industry. On the other hand, Progressive’s reputation for handling insurance claims isn’t as favorable.

Progressive’s rating in the J.D. Power 2023 Auto Claims Satisfaction Study is below average. Furthermore, Progressive scored a “C,” well below average, on the Crash Network’s Insurer Report Card, a poll that asks body shops about their experiences with insurers’ claims-handling policies. Large corporations frequently do that; according to the Crash Network, nine of the top ten auto insurers have grades of “C+” or lower. However, clients should be advised that smaller insurers typically received better ratings for repairs and the speed at which claims were handled.

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